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Do I have A Personal Injury Claim?

The most important thing for anyone involved in an accident to understand is that there is a difference between a personal injury case vs. a property damage claim, or a situation where no injury occurred. Often times many Los Angeles car accident lawyers get calls from individuals who were in a traffic accident but there are no injuries. Here is some basic information when it comes to auto accidents, or slip and fall scenarios in which an attorney will or will not take on your personal injury case.

Auto Accidents: Los Angeles car accident lawyers will represent victims who were injured in a traffic accident involving a car, motorcycle or truck. This includes pedestrians who were hit by a motor vehicle and were not crossing the street incorrectly. What many people do not understand is that if you have been involved in an auto accident, but have no injuries. A Los Angeles car accident injury lawyer cannot file a personal injury claim. The easiest thing to do in that event is to negotiate with the other insurance company to cover your property damage, this is pretty standard.  There are however, Los Angeles car accident attorneys who do handle property damage claims as well but they are not personal injury claims. So if you have been involve in an auto accident, and were not injured, you don’t need a Los Angeles Car Accident Lawyer. In the event you have suffered injuries such as whiplash, back pain, neck pain, paralysis, broken bones or even death, a Los Angeles Personal Injury Lawyer can be of assistance.

Slip and Fall: These types of phone calls are all too common for Los Angeles personal injury attorneys.  Just because an individual slips and falls in a department store, government or commercial building, does not mean you have a personal injury case. In fact, if you slip and fall at a commercial place of business, government building or place of business, and have no injuries, a Los Angeles personal injury attorney cannot help you obtain a cash settlement. If in fact you have suffered an injury which caused a break in a bone, lost some teeth, seriously injured, went to the hospital as a result of the slip and fall, or suffered permanent injury due to the slip and fall, then and only then will a Los Angeles Personal Injury Lawyer help you.Medical Malpractice: Medical Malpractice cases follow the same rules as above. If you have unfinished dental work, you do not have a case. If you have issues with the treatment that a doctor has provided whether surgical, medicinal, or any type of treatment that did not result in an injury, life altering medical condition, or a loved one has died due to the direct practice of the doctor or hospital, a Los Angeles personal injury attorney will likely not represent you.



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