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Motorcycle Accidents How They Happen

Motorcycle accidents often times can and are very fatal. Many of us see motorcycle wrecks or accidents in movies, TV shows, and on the news. In movies, what you see is not a clear depiction of what actually happens. There are many ways in which a motorcycle accident can happen or take place resulting in a serious traffic accident. Our Los Angeles motorcycle accident lawyers have seen a number of different types of motorcycle accident cases and the reason they happened.

First, motorcycle accidents have a high fatality rate because the driver or motorist is not as protected as they are in a standard motor vehicle such as plenty of protection in a car or truck, including wearing seatbelts, and airbag protection. This agile machine can move at faster speeds in comparison to your everyday vehicle which allows it to maneuver in and out of traffic quickly and with ease. A motorcycle can fit into small areas in the road that other vehicles cannot.

How do they happen?

Police chases, often times fatal motorcycle accidents can happen and are caused due to the police chasing a suspect on a motorcycle. In a normal setting, police typically box in a car on the run, however when the suspect is on motorcycle that tactic is not so easy. This type of tactic cannot be used and other tactics must be employed, which can cause a serious accident for the motorcyclist and have a higher percentage of fatality. Our Los Angeles motorcycle accident lawyers also handle cases in the event of death during a motorcycle accident, or wrongful death case.

Traffic Accidents for motorcyclist can occur for a number of different reasons. As stated above, the motorcycle is a smaller, faster and more agile motor vehicle which allows it to achieve various driving maneuvers and advantages in comparison to a car or truck. These same advantages are its most vulnerable disadvantages in driving situations for general safety and protection reasons. Due to the quickness of the motorcycle, drivers have a hard time seeing the motorcycle on the road because they are so fast and hard to spot in one’s rear view or other mirrors. Overall driving visibility and risky driving practices can result in motorcycle accidents. This is why employing the assistance of a experienced Los Angeles motorcycle accident lawyers can be beneficial.

Hit and run accidents caused by drivers who are at fault when they hit a motorcycle in traffic and leave the scene. This is often fatal, and a criminal offense. Unfortunately, this is the reason for so many motorcycle accidents where negligent drivers do not stop and take responsibility for their actions. If you or someone you know has been involved in a motorcycle accident, it is important that you seek the representation of experienced Los Angeles motorcycle accident lawyers. Our law firm provides a free initial consultation and case review. If you have a case, we can start with absolutely ZERO down payment.


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