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Our law firm has had many successes in and out of the court room for many types of auto accident and personal injury cases.

truck accidents

Were you seriously injured by a commercial truck or large commercial vehicle? Did a loved one die in the accident? Call now.

bus accidents

Were you injured in a bus accident or was your child injured in a school bus accident? Call our law firm now 24 hrs.

personal injury law

Our Los Angeles personal injury attorneys understand the California laws surrounding automobile accidents and injury. Get started with $0 down now.

Lawsuit settlement

Find out how we can help you settle and initiate your lawsuit. We have helped recover millions of dollars in Los Angeles.


car accidents

Our law firm handles car accident cases representing clients who are injured and not at fault in the accident in Los Angeles.

personal injury team

We evaluate your case and determine if your case has settlement value based on facts and documentation. Call today.

Motorcycle accidents

Motorcycle accident cases are unique in comparison to any other type of auto accident injury case, call for appointment.